Thursday, December 9, 2010


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Secret of Victoria

Angels of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 from Justin Wu on Vimeo.

To be honest I own nothing from Victoria's Secret. I've never seen a fashion show and kind of didn't care to. That being said, after last night, my mind has changed on the subject.
I kind of feel like it's all about women empowerment. These women are having fun showing who they are. Sure they happen to have the most amazing bodies in the world and are THE only women with those bodies but they are showing the fun in wearing things just for you. Agree or not, I am now pro-Victoria Secret.

A Secret Message

I've never been more excited to find a message.
I found this little treasure on the inside cover of Le Petit Prince at my library.
I fell in love.
What a thoughtful gift.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friends? I have those?

{Tshirt: Hanes, Sweatshirt: Forever21, Ring: Forever21, Watch: Walmart}

Today was the first day this break that I was with my friends not family.
We went to sushi.
Oh My God.
No really. That's what my roll was called.
Then I went to Harry Potter 7 with his family. Good? I think so.
I wish I remembered the book more.
I'm thinking I need to read them all again.
A goal for another day. Maybe over the next break.
And for din din I had ramen.
Mmm talk about gourmet.
Ever since I watched Panyo, I've been obsessed with ramen and things like eggs or ham.
It's quite good.

Did you go shopping? I'm not much for black friday.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thankful Day

So incredibly thankful for all my family being here this year.
The new friends I've met and ones I've kept over many years.
The adventures I've had and one in the future.
The food I get to eat.
The opportunities I have.
The freedom to make choices and mistakes on my own.
The love from all those around and that which I can give to others.
The list goes on.

Why is it we don't give this thanks everyday? Maybe it'll be a new trend for me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kind of a lie...

{Tshirt: Hanes, Scarf: Target, Jeans, Heels, and Hoodie: Forever 21}

Ok so maybe this isn't what I wore all day.
I actually wore the same thing I did yesterday...shhh
This is just sort of a combo of things I've bought recently but who's asking.
So don't judge my appearance or matching skills. Just trying out everything.

I'm still practicing the heels. Getting pretty good if you ask me.
I'm obsessed with the mustard yellow color. Hence the scarf. I tend to like really "gross" colors but I think they look good clothing wise.
AND drum roll please....
I'm not wearing black!!!
I feel I'm turning a new leaf- a colorful one!


I'm sure you're all aware of the wonderful Ms. Kate Spade.
But are you familiar with her home?!
It's amazing.
So chic but fun. I love it.

The Selby's got all kinds of awesome goin on.
Go Look.

{all photos via The Selby}