Friday, November 26, 2010

Friends? I have those?

{Tshirt: Hanes, Sweatshirt: Forever21, Ring: Forever21, Watch: Walmart}

Today was the first day this break that I was with my friends not family.
We went to sushi.
Oh My God.
No really. That's what my roll was called.
Then I went to Harry Potter 7 with his family. Good? I think so.
I wish I remembered the book more.
I'm thinking I need to read them all again.
A goal for another day. Maybe over the next break.
And for din din I had ramen.
Mmm talk about gourmet.
Ever since I watched Panyo, I've been obsessed with ramen and things like eggs or ham.
It's quite good.

Did you go shopping? I'm not much for black friday.

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  1. I gave up on shopping black Friday sales years ago!! I think I would rather pay full price then deal with the crowds :)